Anonymous asked:
From what I heard, deployments will either be 6 months or 9 months, but without leave during the deployment, like there were for 12 month deployments. There also may be fewer simply because they are trying to pull troops out slowly, but who really knows? With the military it can be one thing and then another.

Anonymous asked:
HI! So, I was just wondering, are deployments being shortened?

The last time I heard for the Army, they were down to 9 months. I’m not sure if that’s going to stick, or if that’s even still happening. 

Anyone else know?

Updated Links!

Okay, I’m redoing the military S/O, relative, family, support system, whatever you are, in whatever relation to those in the service. :)

This gives you and other people a way to connect through the branches so you can make a support system. 

I’m doing this because a lot of people on there have either deleted, or changed their URL, making it a broken link. No bueno. 

Please follow the rules to have your name & link on the page:

  1. Send me your name as you want it to appear on the page.
  2. Send me the branch you would like to appear in.
  3. Last, send me your link to your tumblr. 




What it’s like…

To hug each other and then have to let go.

To stand so close together and then have to be miles apart.

To speak everyday and then go weeks with silence.

To dream of him and then wake only to find it was just a dream.

To find a shirt he left behind and cry at the lingering…

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