101 Things

               101 things to send the deployed

1. Jelly Beans – Colorful, sweet and won’t melt en route to his destination

2. Wet Ones – May be the only bath he gets in the field

3. Socks – Find deals at Kohls

4. Look through coupons.

5. Any sports magazine! ESPN, Sporting News,Outside, etc.

6. A mixed CD of the current top 20 singles from his favorite genre

7. Beef Jerky – Never met a soldier that didn’t love having this in the field

8. Trail Mix – This healthy snack will give him loads of great energy

9. Homemade cookies. Mail in a Pringle’s Can to keep fresh

10. DVDs. Best Buy has great deals and a $6.99 bin

11. St. Patrick’s Day Edition: Lucky Charms. They’re magically delicious

 12. Gold Bond body/foot powder or an affordable alternative from Dollar Store

13. Gatorade drink mix.

14. A journal. Great tool for privately expressing emotions,

15. A favorite condiment like Texas Pete Hot Sauce? 

16.Dryer sheets, which can go everywhere – in packs and trunks to help things smell fresher & remind him of home

17. CD mix of songs you fell in love to. Make a note in the car when you hear one on the radio.

18. Paperback books.

 19. If you share a fave magazine, tag your commentary with Post-Its. EX: GQ

20. Postcards of home or your fave vacation spots. Wonderful, cheap trip down memory lane.

21. Homemade rice krispies treats. Nothing says “lovin’’” like treats homecooked from the oven.

22. Love letter. Never underestimate the power of a simple note.

23. Breakfast Bars. Perfect snack for an on-the-go guy.

24. Chapstick. Protect his pucker from dry, chapped lips.

25. Contact solution / Eye drops

26.Deodorant. It’s hot in the desert-send his favorite scent.

27.  Myoplex shake packages. Send with a nalgene bottle and let him mix and go.

28. Microwaveable popcorn. Send with a DVD for movie night.

29. Sunscreen. Protect his skin from the harmful rays of the desert sun w/SPF 30 or higher.

30. Chocolate-covered pretzels. Satisfy his sweet-tooth with salty and sweet.

31. Pop-tarts. Individually wrapped for breakfast or snacktime.

32. Small photo album. Include pics of you, the kids, friends and pets

33. Hot chocolate mix. Hershey’s Goodnight Kisses is my hubby’s fave on cold winter nights.

34. Dane Cook stand-up audio CDs. Do I really need to say more?

35. Granola Bars. Great energy boost and nutritious mid-day snack.

36. Ramen noodles. Only 25 cents a pack, easy to make, doesn’t spoil.

37. Moisturizer. Keep his skin soft despite the intense desert heat.

38. Remind him of home with Cotton-scented air fresheners from Yankee Candle.

39. Chex mix. Perfect for on-the-go snacking.

40. Latest issue of Men’s Health magazine. Keep him up-to-date on latest work-out tips.

41. A camera.

42. Pre-paid phone cards. Most guys call on sat phones, but it never hurts to have on hand.

43. Latest issue of Maxim magazine.

44. Organic cotton twin sheets from Target-when not in the field, he’ll sleep better on them

45. Extra toothbrushes–he can’t have too many of these

46.Pouched tuna–keeps well, tastes great and is a great source of protein

47. Toilet paper. That’s an improvement over their sandpaper! 

48. Jack Coughlin book “Kill Zone

49. Recordable greeting cards.

50. Silly kids toys from the cheap toy aisle in Wal-Mart to help him destress 

51. Anyone who has seen GI Joe on YouTube knows they love their GI JOES! 

52. Single cereal packs. Frosted Flakes, Cocoa Crisps & more

53. Crocs. These breathable, silly shoes offer optimal comfort for lounging

54. A booklight.

55. Mouthwash, floss and other dental hygiene tools he may not be up for using.

56. A journal of yours. Write a recap of each day that’s funny and helps to remind him of home.

57. Ketchup/mustard/mayo packets.

58. Oreos. Send him America’s favorite cookie in individual packs.

59. Insect-repellent wipes.

60. Instant coffee and creamer–start his day (or help keep him awake during long work hours) with his fave flavor.

61.Stationery & envelopes–help him keep in touch with you when he can.

62. Pics of events he missed-weddings, get-togethers, parties.

63. Jell-O pudding snack packs-rich and creamy, it goes anywhere and everywhere!

64. Individual servings of canned fruit.

65. Individual boxes of mac n’ cheese. He’ll enjoy the cheesy goodness.

66. Get creative. Research traditional anniversary gifts and come up with alternatives that are affordable and useful for him overseas.

67. Did you save your vows or toasts from your wedding? Recreate and put in a frame or laminate them.

68. Photo project. Visit Shutterly.com or a similar service to create a photo slideshow on a DVD that you can send him.

69. Remember what you danced to at your wedding? Burn him a CD mix of it.

70. Photos of his real present if you want to get him something he can enjoy when he’s home.

71. An itinerary. Book a celebratory vacation for the two of you and send him an itinerary to get excited.

72. Send him 365 reasons why you love him more than you did last year.

73. Make your own book or recreate your wedding or honeymoon album on blurb.com.

74. Scrapbook with photos of when you were dating and journal about what you remember from those days.

75. A sweetheart pouch with the perfume you wear..

76. Bake cookies that have the same flavors as your wedding cake.

77. Father’s Day Edition: Be deliberate about taping your kids throughout the deployment and send him the DVD to celebrate Father’s Day.

78. Send a personalized photo card from Hallmark.

79. Yes, you can send a birthday cake thanks to BakeMeAWish.com.

80. Celebrate a promotion: Sparkling Cider in bubble wrap and a heartfelt note telling him how proud you are of him.

81. Baby on Board: Send him a new daddy package with baby booties, a proud daddy tee shirt and plenty of ultrasound pictures.

82. Halloween: Fill a Jack-o-Lantern with his favorite slasher flicks, tricks and treats.

83. Thanksgiving: Give him a seat at your dinner table – turkey jerky, craisins, instant mashed potato flakes and a recording of your loved ones saying what they are thankful for.

84. Christmas: A stocking with decorations to celebrate and his favorite Christmas movies on DVD. You can usually find great deals on this!

85. New Year’s: Recording of you counting down to midnight and telling him all the things you’re looking forward to doing with him in the new year.

86. Valentine’s Day: This is a great holiday for hard candy so load up on the red hots, sweethearts and more and be crafty and make your own Valentine!

87. Easter: No one’s too old for an Easter basket! Fill it with peeps, jelly beans and his favorite seasonal candy.

88. Fourth of July Edition: Why not send some summer sausages? Hickory Farms offers free shipping to APO/FPO addresses.

89. Remind him how much you appreciate his service and support your USO at the same time by picking up patriotic Sweethearts at K-Mart or Dollar General.

90. A copy of your local paper. He’ll have his favorite sports page back soon enough!

91. Boost his spirits with a box of his favorite nostalgic candy from the 60s, 70s or 80s. Get it at Cracker Barrel.

92. Make your own book of crossword puzzles for him, filled with your favorite inside jokes.

93. Try a jar from Peanut Butter & Co. for funky flavor.

94. Dried fruit has strong, sweet flavors and is very vitamin rich.

95. Help him blow off some steam with silly string or a pack of water balloons

96. Tide pen or Shout wipes Will help clean up if there’s an emergency spill en route home

97. 100 calorie packs will fit nicely in his pockets for the trip home

98. Help him freshen up when he gets off the plane – a cologne sampler or travel-size deodorant will do the trick

 99. Canned air – they can use it to clean their weapon, computer and just generally dust bust.

100. Some sexy photos of you ;)

101. Send all of your love :)