10 Commandments of a Military Wife
1.   Thou shall not contact the company command with exception for emergencies (sickness, arrest, or death). Don’t be that wife.  Everyone gets stuck with shitty assignments or denied leave now and then.  Stomping your feet and demanding that the command give your husband a more  favorable assignment so you can go to Cousin Ginny’s wedding as a couple isn’t going to get you anything but laughed at.

2.     Thou shall not say “we” in terms of deployment or training.  “We” didn’t go to basic training so it’s not “our” deployment.

3.     Thou shall go forth and embrace the current post.  Sure the new post could be in the middle of nowhere but every place has at least one good thing about it.  It could be the people, the food, the sights; whatever it is find out what it is and enjoy it.  You’re only going to be at this place a few years and don’t want to look back on your time there with regret.

4.    Thou shall not wear dog tags, a “Army Wife: Toughest Job in the Army” t-shirt or ACU patterned anything.  The general consensus is ACU patterns are better left to the soldiers and on rare occasions the kiddies.

5.     Thou shall heed the advice of those who have been before you. This is a “learn as you go” lifestyle.  There are plenty of people who have been living this lifestyle much longer than you and can teach you the ropes or show you a short cut.  Listen to every piece of advice and take what you want from it.  Who knows, you may just find a way to get an earlier appointment at the MTF.

6.    Thou shall not believe that one holds rank because one’s husband holds rank. This falls in line with #2.

7.     Thou shall appreciate all the benefits the Army bestows on one and one’s family, including but not limited to health care, dental care, tax free shopping and housing.  Remember it’s more than some people will ever have.

8.   Thou shall not hang homecoming signs that include references to the marital activities that are soon to commence after shutting one’s front door. We’ve all been there and we all know what is about to happen.

9.     Thou shall not resent one’s husband for serving.  Whether he was already serving prior to your meeting or he joined while you were together, it came as no surprise.  If he walked through the door with a signed enlistment contract and you didn’t kick his ass to the curb that’s on you.

10.  Thou shall be proud to call thyself an military wife…very few can say it.