4 Tips for Sending Baked Goods in a Care Package

you’re 101 things list is so helpful, my boyfriend is on his 1st tour and it’s sometimes hard to think of odd “fillers” for his packages, thank you!

Carepackage Idea #5:

This is really cute :)

Carepackage Idea #4:

Send them their own customized headphones like these :)

I don’t post links in posts, you guys know that.

So, let me know if you would like the link to do these :)

Carepackage Idea #3:

DIY CD cover:


Carepackage Idea #2:

My man likes sushi. Until he can get some real sushi, he will have to make do with this :) :

Candy Sushi

  • Rice Krispie Treats
  • Fruit Roll-Up
  • Swedish Fish

voila. ♡

Carepackage Idea #1:

Subscribe them to a magazine! Yes, you can get them sent to an APO address.

For him:

  • Mens Fitness

For her:

  • Cosmo

Or.. whatever else they may like :)

You could also send them a whole package of their favorite magazines ( Gaming, Hunting, Fishing, etc.. )

You can locate more of these ideas under the tab Care Package Ideas :)

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